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Flashbang Creative Podcast

Apr 25, 2017

In this episode, Jeff & Bill take some time to give back to the engaged audience thus far.  We have been receiving a number of phone calls, emails, and private messages on our facebook page from audience members providing feedback on the show so far, and asking direct questions to challenges they are facing today in their business.

We noticed a pattern in many of the questions, so we wanted to ensure that we took some time to focus specifically on those themes, to help our audience dive a little deeper into their immediate road blocks.

  • Understand what works best on your facebook page to gain exposure
  • The importance of GIVEAWAYS, (and not raffles)
  • Understanding social circles, and reach new customers
  • Grow The Following: Like, Share, Comment, Tag - and how to use them to get higher performance for your page
  • Set the stage for students BEFORE they get to class, turning them into raving fans because of how you're delivering service
  • Mindset Change: You're in the Relationship business, NOT the transaction business.
  • Turn up the fun! Games, Contests, Giveaways, Awards & Recognition (and how it will grow your business)
  • Other tips & tricks to attracting MORE students, for the same amount of effort
  • Uncover a hidden marketshare & bring more people into the 2A community

Don't forget to send us topics you'd like to hear us discuss further in depth, by emailing us, or posting a comment on our facebook page. 

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