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Flashbang Creative Podcast

Apr 6, 2017

In this episode, Jeff Newton & Bill Combs begin to set the stage for episodes to come.  We scratch the surface of where we see instructors fail, or succeed.  We let you in on a few of the secrets (which are not revolutionary) in what it takes to turn your paid hobby into a full time dream.  We provide examples from trends we see in working with many firearms instructors.  

  • Your Target Market
  • Mindset - and where you might have it wrong
  • Focus On Your Passion
  • Knowing the Lifetime Value of a Customer
  • Recognize the Cost of Acquisition
  • Market, or Die
  • Go To Where Your Customers Are
  • Get Over Your Hesitation to Go Social

We know that we through a ton of awesome topics at you in this quick episode, which we'll cover in depth on their own in episodes to come.

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