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Flashbang Creative Podcast

Nov 19, 2017

In episode 21 we take a step back to assess where you're at... specifically, where is your head?  There are a few fundamentals to success in business, and the right mindset is arguably the most critical!

A few things discussed:

  1. How To Win - 52 Sprints
  2. What Are Your Obstacles? Real or Imaginary?!
  3. Accountability is a...

Sep 29, 2017

In a follow up to episode 19, where Bill mentioned the benefits of creating either challenges or workshops in your business which are FREE to your prospects...  We dive deeper in to that possibility and give you a plan you can execute today in your business to get more leads and create more relationships.

We discuss a...

Sep 14, 2017

We've all heard it before, and maybe even been guilty of asking the question... "What are they doing that makes them so successful" or "What's their secret" "How are they doing it" "What are we missing" or the list goes on!  Well, you're in luck because in this episode you will discover the formula for success....

Aug 31, 2017

Fresh off the cliffhanger from episode 17, Jeff & Bill sit back down to finish out the thought on how to integrate a membership based model in to your firearms business.  Exploring a few principles of what can make or break putting this together in your business.

  1. Why continuity is king
  2. The right & wrong way to deliver...

Aug 24, 2017

Jeff & Bill dive in to a number of psychological triggers you can leverage, in order to generate repeat business and get people to act instinctively.  We hit the topic from a few different angles, and here are a few you can expect in this episode:

  1. How urgency drives commitment
  2. What Dopamine does to the buyers brain
  3. The...